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Create Foundation is building a Water Well which will provide clean, safe drinking water to the people of Nakasajja, Uganda!

We are so thrilled to share this news with our supporters! Thanks to a very generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous, we have the funding needed to construct a Water Well!

This Well will not only provide clean, safe drinking water for our school, but we will be sharing it with thousands of people of local villages who currently have no access.

Nearly 80% of Uganda’s 45 million people live in small towns and rural areas, and roughly 2/3 of them lack access to safe water. Poor sanitation worsens the problem. Waterborne diseases and infant mortality are widespread.

This Well will undoubtedly CHANGE the lives of thousands of people living in local communities! We are so happy to be able to provide clean water to the people of Nakasajja. Every human deserves it.

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