Since Create's inception in 2017, we have been making steady progress towards our goals! Despite the pandemic and numerous lockdowns here in Uganda, we have accomplished so much over the last couple of years thanks to our community of supporters! We couldn't have made it this far without you, and we know that by coming together we can make it happen! 

Check out our milestones below!

November 2021: Classroom Construction Begins!!!

FINALLY! After so much waiting, delays, setbacks, meetings, payments, recommendations, permits, and frustration..... we have FINALLY BEGUN OUR CLASSROOM CONSTRUCTION!!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped us to get here! We are SO excited this happening!!!!

We are also happy to share that we have made sure our Engineer and contractors have hired people of the local village to work at the site as well, so besides helping us to build our classrooms, you have helped to provide people in need jobs as well!

June/July 2021: Excavation and Preparation for Construction

In June, Create hired people of local villages to help clear the land and prepare it for construction. We then brought in an excavation crew that excavated the entire of our property so that it is leveled and ready for construction of the structures.


We then began bringing in building materials - sand and stone from Mukono which will be used to construct the foundation of the classrooms. We also constructed a temporary Askari House (house for our Security Guards) and a latrine for the construction workers. We also purchased a shipping container to store construction materials, which will be later be converted into the Sick Bay. 

October 2020: Construction of Clean Water Well!

We are so thrilled to share this news with our supporters!  Thanks to a very generous donor, our Water Well project was fully funded and completed!

This Well will not only provide clean, safe drinking water for our school, but we are sharing it with thousands of people of local villages who currently have no access. 

Nearly 80% of Uganda’s 45 million people live in small towns and rural areas, and roughly 2/3 of them lack access to safe water. Poor sanitation worsens the problem. Waterborne diseases and infant mortality are widespread.

This Well will undoubtedly CHANGE the lives of thousands of people living in local communities! We are so happy to be able to provide clean water to the people of Madu and surrounding villages. Every human deserves it.

September 2020: Drainage System Complete!

With our road complete, the next step was to construct a drainage system. As most roads in Uganda are made of dirt, it is customary to construct drainage ditches on both sides of a road to allow water to safely run off. 

Shortly after completing our road, we were able to raise enough funds to complete our drainage system! As soon as the funds were raised, our construction crews got to work. The job was completed on August 25, 2020. 

Now, heavy rains will send water running along ditches beside the road, instead of flooding and damaging our "Road of Hope"! This will allow easy access all the way through this remote area to our school no matter what the weather condition!

August 2020: Construction of the "Road of Hope"