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Since Create's inception in 2017, we have been making steady progress towards our goals! Despite the pandemic and numerous lockdowns here in Uganda, we have accomplished so much over the last couple of years thanks to our community of supporters! We couldn't have made it this far without you, and we know that by coming together we can make it all happen! 

Check out our milestones below!

January 2023:  Construction begins on the Medical Centre!!!

December 2022: Bathrooms are close to completion!

The New Year got off to a great start for us!! We began the construction of the final structure on our campus - the Medical Centre!!!

This medical facility will not only have a full-time nurse on staff to care for ill/injured students, but will double as a COMMUNITY medical clinic- where a board certified doctor will be available on weekends and outside of school hours to provide people of local communities with FREE, quality medical care! How amazing is that!?

We are so proud and excited to be able to offer this on our campus!  There are no adequate medical centres nearby to serve people of local communities and so this will be a welcome and necessary change for the people of Madu Village and surrounding areas!

This is the FINAL major structure on our campus! We are getting so close!!!! If you'd like to help us finish our school so that we can open our doors and begin to offer children in need the opportunity to go to school FREE of charge, please visit the link below to make your tax-deductible donation!

The school's restrooms are now close to completion!

So far, our construction team has built both the boys and girls restrooms - each of which will consist of three bathroom stalls, two sinks, mirrors and a storage closet.  The Team has recently completed plastering the entirety of both restrooms, have installed the windows, the masons have worked on the ceilings and finishings and constructed the septic tank. Our plumber is on site this week working on the plumbing, and the welders are installing the safety railings for the entry ramps on each side.  By week's end, we will begin tiling the restrooms, and when that is completed, we will paint the interior and exterior and install the bathroom doors, toilets, sinks and mirrors. 

We are so pleased with the progress!  As are the children of the local villages! They are anxiously awaiting the completion of their school and have been coming by often to take tours and observe the progress! They are so excited to see their school being built before their eyes. They love being here and have already made themselves right at home! These are our future students and we are working hard to complete this work so that we can open for them soon! They deserve the opportunity to go to school! Every child does!

October 2022: Construction of School's Bathrooms have begun!