Since Create's inception in 2017, we have been making steady progress towards our goals! Despite the pandemic and numerous lockdowns here in Uganda, we have accomplished so much over the last couple of years thanks to our community of supporters! We couldn't have made it this far without you, and we know that by coming together we can make it happen! 

Check out our milestones below!

October 2022: Construction of School's Bathrooms begins!

Exciting News!

The second week of October we began construction on the next structure on our campus! 

Here in Uganda, restrooms aren't usually located inside the same buildings as classrooms.  Instead, a separate building is allocated for them.  So to follow the requirements for our campus here, we are constructing the restrooms slightly behind the classroom block. 

We hired some people of the local village to slash/clear the land to get it ready, and then our Engineer and his team came and measured, mapped and marked the area and the following day we began bringing in the construction materials.  They began digging the foundation the following day. 

Everyone is working hard, and each day there is a ton of new progress to see!  

The restrooms are partially funded, and so, we are going to construct as much as our current funds can take us.   If you'd like like to help us to continue so that we can complete this critical structure, please make your tax-deductible donation via links below:

September 2022: Kitchen & Dining Hall painted and completed!!!

Our school's kitchen & dining hall are now almost complete!! The team worked through most of September completing all the finishings/moldings and preparing for painting.

The exterior of the kitchen has now been painted, and the Team is working on finishing the inside of the kitchen, the storage room and also the support poles of the dining area.


Work will be finished within a few days.  We are also prepping to begin the next structure - the school's bathrooms!  We have a team of local people slashing and clearing the area so that we can begin construction the first week of October!!!


We have raised some funds towards the bathrooms, but do not have enough to complete the building.  And so, we will buy as many materials as our current funds allow, and build up to the point where that will take us!  If you'd like to help us be able to complete this very critical part of our campus, please visit the following link to make your tax-deductible donation:



August 2022: Classroom Block finishing & Roofing on Kitchen/Dining Hall

Things are progressing swiftly here at Create!! We are pleased to announce that our Classroom Block is now FINISHED!!! After many months of hard work it is now complete!  It is a bright and beautiful building, and is going to be a truly welcoming place for the children of the local villages to learn and grow!

And thanks to a very generous donor, our school's Dining Hall went into construction last week! The team quickly built the foundation, began working on installing the metal support poles, roofing and are now installing the tile floor!

The Dining Hall is a large covered outdoor eating space attached to our Kitchen, where all meals for the students and staff will be prepared.  The students will enter, go to the serving window where they will collect their trays filled with delicious, healthy food, and proceed to the dining area to eat with their classmates.

We are so excited for this momentum! Things are moving along quickly, and we have just a few more structures to build before we are able to open our doors. We are hoping to open Create Academy in late 2023!


June 2022: Construction on School's Kitchen Begins!!!

Exciting news here at Create!!!


We BROKE GROUND on the school's kitchen today!!! We are so thrilled to be moving steadily along with the construction of our campus! The kitchen is where all meals for our students and staff will be prepared. It will be attached to a large covered dining hall.


The construction of the kitchen should take approximately one month and will be ongoing as the painters are painting the interior/exterior of the classroom block!


Things are done  a bit differently here, but trust the process- you see how good our classroom block looks!

June 2022: Classroom Construction Almost Complete! Plastering/Finishings/Painting