Since Create's inception in 2017, we have been making steady progress towards our goals! Despite the pandemic and numerous lockdowns here in Uganda, we have accomplished so much over the last couple of years thanks to our community of supporters! We couldn't have made it this far without you, and we know that by coming together we can make it happen! 

Check out our milestones below!

June 2022: Construction on School's Kitchen Begins!!!

Exciting news here at Create!!!


We BROKE GROUND on the school's kitchen today!!! We are so thrilled to be moving steadily along with the construction of our campus! The kitchen is where all meals for our students and staff will be prepared. It will be attached to a large covered dining hall.


The construction of the kitchen should take approximately one month and will be ongoing as the painters are painting the interior/exterior of the classroom block!


Things are done  a bit differently here, but trust the process- you see how good our classroom block


June 2022: Classroom Construction Almost Complete! Plastering/Finishings/Painting

We are delighted to share that our Classroom Block is almost complete!!! After many months of hard work, our construction team is nearing the finish line!

Last week, the team finished the plastering of the entire building, and was focused on the small details/finishings and preparing it for the next step: painting!

We recently tested out paint samples for the exterior of the building and found a winner!

The painters have been on site since Monday and have begun the painting process! The entire job should be completed in the next 3 weeks!! We are so excited to share the big TRANSFORMATION with you soon!!!

November 2021: Classroom Construction Begins!!!

FINALLY! After so much waiting, delays, setbacks, meetings, payments, recommendations, permits, and frustration..... we have FINALLY BEGUN OUR CLASSROOM CONSTRUCTION!!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped us to get here! We are SO excited this happening!!!!

We are also happy to share that we have made sure our Engineer and contractors have hired people of the local village to work at the site as well, so besides helping us to build our classrooms, you have helped to provide people in need jobs as well!

June/July 2021: Excavation and Preparation for Construction

In June, Create hired people of local villages to help clear the land and prepare it for construction. We then brought in an excavation crew that excavated the entire of our property so that it is leveled and ready for construction of the structures.


We then began bringing in building materials - sand and stone from Mukono which will be used to construct the foundation of the classrooms. We also constructed a temporary Askari House (house for our Security Guards) and a latrine for the construction workers. We also purchased a shipping container to store construction materials, which will be later be converted into the Sick Bay. 

October 2020: Construction of Clean Water Well!