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Since Create's inception in 2017, we have been making steady progress towards our goals! Despite the pandemic and numerous lockdowns here in Uganda, we have accomplished so much over the last couple of years thanks to our community of supporters! We couldn't have made it this far without you, and we know that by coming together we can make it all happen! 

Check out our milestones below!

May 2024: Classroom Furniture & Decor!

Our first classroom is almost ready!!!! We are so excited to see our classroom come to life!!! We brought in and assembled the tables and chairs, wall art, borders, play mats, white board and more!  

The children of the local village are always so excited to see us doing work/adding things to the school. They are so anxiously awaiting the opening. So they of course, had to come and check out the classroom! They love it! 

These sweet, adorable children right here - NOT ONE of them is currently enrolled in school because their families cannot afford school fees. Our tuition-free school will be life-changing for them! Just a few months away from opening, and we can't wait! They deserve the opportunity to go to school. Every child does. 


February 2024: Playground installation and completion!!!

In February of 2024 we began and completed the school's playground!!! The playground features two sets of swings, slides, a playscape with tunnel and a seesaw. After transporting the equipment from Kampala to our campus, we had our team assemble and safety install it into the ground.


Once it dried, we had an official unveiling and invited all of the children from the local village to come and play.  They absolutely LOVE it!!! They played all day and were beyond excited. This is a dream come true for so many!!! Thank you to our donors for making this possible! 


December 2023:  Christmas atCreate!

This December we threw a Christmas party for the people of the local villages and surprised the children with Santa!!! He gave them small gifts, they sang, played (the kids were obsessed with Santa and were chasing him around all day!) thanks to one of our amazing workers for dressing up!  We cooked food for everyone, and everyone got to sit and eat, listen to Christmas music, dance and of course play some football! So many people showed up that we had to run out and purchase more food! The local people also pitched in and brought plates for us to use as we don't have any yet for the school! It was a beautiful, joyous day and the children and their families were so happy and grateful! We hope to do this every year! It fills our hearts with so much joy to see our campus full of children and community - it's what we have always envisioned!


June 2023: Plumbing of campus