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Breaking Ground !

On January 27, 2020 Create Foundation broke ground on our school in Uganda, Create Academy.

Create Foundation’s team in Uganda gathered together at the site where our school will be constructed for our groundbreaking ceremony. Dozens of local families who reside in the surrounding villages came to celebrate this special moment with us. We were thrilled to be able to meet and connect with them. Many of their children do not attend school because they cannot afford to send them, and they expressed their heartfelt joy and gratitude for a school which will inevitably change the course of their children’s lives. They are now filled with HOPE. We were so touched by their warm welcome and excitement for the changes which Create will provide to their area in the near future.

After spending the majority of 2019 fundraising and spreading the word about our mission to empower the youth of rural Uganda through education, Create Foundation purchased two acres of land in the remote region of Nakasajja. Currently, there are no secondary schools in this area, and so families in the surrounding villages have no opportunity to send their children to school after grade 6, unless they can afford to send them to a school in the city (a great distance away),which most living in poverty cannot.

Create Academy will fulfill a critical need. Building this school will create opportunities and change the lives of some of the poorest communities in the world. Not only will the school benefit the hundreds of children it will serve, but it will empower members of local communities through job opportunities, adult education courses and outreach initiatives.

The Chairman of the village joined us for this special occasion to offer his blessing and vowed to support and work closely with our organization to ensure the success of Create Academy. We are so grateful to have his support, and look forward to forging a close and long-lasting relationship with the village Council.

This school is about so much more than just providing an education, it is about empowering and supporting a community that really needs and deserves this. We are not here to just educate and leave. We are here to actively engage local communities and EMPOWER them with valuable knowledge and skills that will enable them to progress in society.

We are so thrilled with the progress, and would like to thank all of our supporters who helped us to reach this important step. Without you, this would not be possible! We have landscapers clearing the land as we speak so that in the coming months we may move forward with construction!

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