The Mission of C.R.E.A.T.E. is to empower the people of rural Uganda and create lasting positive change by constructing and operating a secondary school which will provide children in need a free education, as well as serve members of local communities through job opportunities, educational programs and community outreach initiatives. 


Only 17% of youth ages 13-18 attend secondary school in Uganda. 

We are working to change that.

C.R.E.A.T.E. Academy will provide a solution to one of Uganda's most critical problems - lack of educational opportunities. In Uganda, there is no taxation system implemented that covers public schooling. If a child wants to attend school, they must pay tuition to attend every single term.  Schools also often require students to purchase a uniform, and bring a list of requirements (notebooks, pens/paper, soap, cleaning supplies, money for food) and those requirements alone are often unaffordable for families struggling to make ends meet. With many families having multiple children, the task to find money for each child's tuition becomes nearly impossible. Children are often forced to drop out at an early age to help their parents work and provide necessities like food, clean water and medicine at home. Many children drop out to begin work with the hope of one day returning, but most do not. in fact, 66% of children in Uganda drop out of school by grade 6! This is unacceptable. 


We believe that every child deserves an education... the opportunity to live a better life. Create Academy can change this! We will be directly helping to solve this problem by constructing and operating a school which will provide 150 children per year a free education! Our students will not only be provided a quality education, but they will join a community where they are empowered, encouraged and uplifted! We will prepare our future students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become productive members of society and be the generation that continues to change and evolve their country for the better, taking critical steps towards a more self-reliant Africa. 


Create's impact will reach far beyond our future students. It will be an innovative community built upon generating business and empowering the people of local villages with skills, knowledge, job opportunities and more. The School itself will provide dozens of jobs (teachers, administrative staff, security, cooks, maintenance workers, etc.), which will pay fair wages in an environment conducive to growth. We will also utilize classroom space after school hours to offer Adult Education classes and trade school programs (such as Cosmetology and Welding). We will also implement community outreach initiatives such as Women's Empowerment Seminars, leadership building workshops, computer training courses, and activities where members of the local communities can learn critical life skills like budgeting, how to create a resume, job interview training and more. The school will also feature shop rentals in an area outside of campus where members of the community can rent space to operate their own business, helping to empower entrepreneurs and stimulate local economy, while helping to generate revenue back to the School and suppling necessary items to people who live locally.