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In October of 2020, thanks to a very generous donor, Create Foundation built a CLEAN WATER WELL on our school property in Madu Village, Uganda!

This well will not only provide clean, safe drinking water for our school, but has already been providing CLEAN DRINKING WATER to thousands of people of nearby villages! Anyone can come at anytime they wish and fetch clean water for their families to use to drink/cook/bathe/wash hands! This is especially important in this time of Covid. Before our Well, people of local villages had to walk many miles each day to collect water from a swampy area where the water was not clean or safe for drinking, but unfortunately they had no other options. Nearly 80% of Uganda's 45 million people live in small towns and rural areas like Madu Village, and 2/3 of them lack access to safe water. Poor sanitation worsens the problem. Waterborne diseases and infant mortality rates are widespread. Having access to clean, safe water is LIFE-CHANGING!


This Clean Water Well has impacted THOUSANDS of lives for the better!!! We are so happy to be able to provide clean water to the people of Madu/Nakasajja. Every human deserves it. 



Check out the our gallery to see the step-by-step process as to how our Water Well was constructed!!!

The first photos are of the original water source people were getting their water from - an unsafe, dirty stagnant swamp. Click right to see the progress, and finally our CLEAN WATER WELL completed and in use!!!

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