We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and most heartfelt thanks to every donor. Without you, this school will not be possible. You are directly responsible for helping to positively change the lives of thousands of children in Uganda, and for that we cannot thank you enough!!!

Mike Kaos

Tom Vanderpleaste

Joseph Pellegrino

Sue Gargano

Stephanie Werba

Dee O'Brien

Dearbhla Neenan

Sherri Locher

Kianne Clark

Eric Cintron

Peter Timmons 

Greg Pranzo

Lucille Ignarro

Kaitlyn Urban

Shavonna Banks

Andrew Gargano

Jeff Rake

Alessandro Matheus

Chelsea Blampied

Sarah Elizabeth

Jane Patterson Warrin


Sarah Croce

Frank Heitker

Michelle Tolpa

Ariana Malk

Brian McPherson

Ingrid Malik

Luciana DiGiacinto

Albert Chen

Shelly Shenoy

Dexter Morris

Jason Borucki

Jerome Fusco

Sasha Boykin

Amy Liszka

Rachel Willougby 

Chanel Carrol

Mark C. Smith

Ben Hauck

Ian Kimanje

John Estrada

Alysa Lobo

Michelle Bonchonsky Harden

Charlotte Fugere

Linda Arsenault

Stephen Parlato

Diane Wedding

Tracey Denora

Shannon McClain

Patricia Palmeri 

Christine Nafziger
Joshua Hogue 
Randall Mardus
Brigid Turner

Greg McLaughlin

Joy Foley 

Amber Elliot

Hawa Basuta

Chelsie Gibbs

Bernadette Smith

Traci Drongoski

Muhammed Mufumbiro

Dani Scarcella

Lindsey Ryanaski

The name of every single donor will be featured on the 'Gratitude Wall" that will be constructed at the school. Each day as the students walk to class they will pass a wall filled with the names of people that helped to make C.R.E.A.T.E. Academy possible! They will see the names knowing that because of YOU, a school was built that gives them the life-changing opportunity to receive an education. Everyone who passes the wall will look at it with gratitude for the kind and supportive people who cared about creating a better future for the children of Uganda!