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Create Foundation is so pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Shane Smith of Shane Smith Coaching for a very special initiative!


While we are making progress on building on classrooms, an integral part of our school/program will be exposing children to sports and a healthy lifestyle. Football (soccer) is a HUGE part of the lives of Ugandans, and a passion amongst the youth. Unfortunately, in remote villages like the one we work in, there are no adequate football fields or space for children to play.  Shane has offered to help us fundraise to build our School's football field which will provide children in the remote villages of Madu/Neteete, Uganda the opportunity to play football!

THANK YOU so much to Shane and his network for helping us to make an impact for children who need it most! We appreciate you! 



I love soccer and have been playing/coaching for most of my life. It is not only a passion, but I see the importance of the game for children - not only is it fun and good for physical fitness, it teaches them invaluable lessons about teamwork, dedication, winning and losing. I want to help my old friend Jennifer, the Founder of Create Foundation continue her great works in Uganda and I request my soccer community's help to benefit young soccer players in Uganda! 

Thank you so much for your support in this effort! I know by coming together we can make this happen and impact a LOT of lives for the better!



1. Follow @createuganda on Instagram and then go to the website and sign up for email.

2. Invite at least 3 teammates to join you by tagging them and post your pledge/dollar amount per time period tagging both @createuganda and @shanesmithcoaching.

(Example: $4 per 10 mins of self practice per week. End of week... $4 x 60 mins is $24) All donations help, so please donate what you can one time or continue with the pledge each week until we reach our goal of $10,000 USD! 

3. Then on your own, visit: and directly donate to this great soccer cause by pressing on the "donate" button and contributing your weekly pledge!

Even if you aren't a player, we welcome anyone to donate below to help us make this happen!

So now let's go..... Practice so they can PLAY!!!

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