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In addition to positively impacting the lives of our future students, C.R.E.A.T.E. is committed to empowering the local communities. 


COMPUTER TRAINING PROGRAMS:  In the evolving world of technology, it is essential for the people of Uganda to keep up.  As all industries are digitizing, many Ugandans lack the skills necessary to secure jobs. We will utilize our computer lab to hold typing/digital skills/programming classes on weekends and after school hours for the local community. Anyone can enroll in IT classes which will equip them with the skills needed to be successful in the world today. 

SALON SCHOOL:  For many women in Uganda, it is very difficult to find employment, especially because many are uneducated.  When trying to think of inventive solutions to bring in revenue, while also helping the community, we found the perfect solution: Salon School.  In evenings, when school is out of session, a Salon School will make use one of our classroom spaces.  Local men and women will study the art of hairstyling, a common and lucrative profession for many in Uganda.  Beauty schools traditionally charge upwards of 800,000 UGX per student per year.  We will charge less, enabling more individuals to participate. Not only will this school utilize our space, but will help locals create a path to a new career in which they can earn money for their families.  Students will learn the art of hairdressing, and earn a diploma in the craft.  Once their course is complete, they will be able to go out and start their own businesses or get hired at salons for a fair wage. 


SALON:  In the area of our land outside of campus, where our shop rentals will be located, we will open a small beauty salon.  This salon will provide hair cuts, braiding, grooming and styling to the local community.  This salon will also provide some of our Salon School students hands-on learning experience, and possible future job opportunities.  This will generate revenue, and also help to empower the students attending Salon School to actively pursue their new careers.

WELDING COMPANY:  Being a welder in Uganda can earn one a generous amount of money.  Most gates, doors, tables/ chairs and construction work require the work of a welder.  However, the country lacks workers with such skills.  Welders are rare, and so, costs for any welding/metal work are expensive.  Large companies often have to outsource workers from Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Sri-Lanka that are skilled.  We will construct a work shed in an area of our land outside of campus, where we will start a welding company.  We will hire skilled workers to work for our company and handle jobs for local communities.  This business will take time to grow, but the payoff can be huge.  This company will also provide invaluable opportunities for people in the community interested in the field.  We will hire some locals to work as apprentices under our head welders and learn the skill.  This will provide local men (and women) without jobs an extremely valuable skill that can also turn into permanent work at our company.   With Uganda just getting into oil production, these skills will be extremely valuable in helping to secure coveted job positions at oil companies. 

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