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Administration Building

Upon entering the campus, the great walk will lead to the Administration Building with an open-air lobby featuring the Campus Directory and artwork from our students and local communities.  

· Lobby with waiting area

· Main Office

· Director's Office

· Headmaster's Office 

· Restrooms

Sports facilities 

C.R.E.A.T.E. will offer a variety of sports and will have some of the finest facilities in all of Uganda.

· Football field (100 yards long by 60                yards wide) with  6-lane track.     

· Outdoor basketball court (84 x 50 feet)

· Two baseball fields (Regulation size for both   baseball and softball

- Indoor basketball court 

Library & Computer Lab

The campus will feature a fully-stocked library, where students can study and check out books at any time.  There will also be a computer lab, with 25 computers for computer courses.

· Book shelves stocked with relevant course         material, fiction, non-fiction, biographies,     magazines and more

· Tables and chairs throughout for studying.

· Sofa chairs for comfortable reading

· Male & Female restrooms on premise

· Computer lab with 25 computers, desks         and chairs 

· Overhead projector and screen for computer       lessons

Classroom Blocks

Two-level classroom block with 6 classrooms on each level.  The lower level will be for grades S1-S3, the upper S4-S6.  The upperclassmen's block will also contain a fully equipped laboratory.  

· 11 classrooms (each 25x20 ft) complete with   desks, chairs, electrical outlets, dry erase       boards and book cases

· Student lockers lining the halls

· Laboratory equipped with lab                        tables, electrical outlets, sinks 

· Male and female student restrooms in each     block, with toilet stalls, sinks 


Gymnasium with hardwood floor.  

· Basketball hoops for indoor games

· Stage for assemblies and performances

· Music room with piano

· Dance studio with mirrored walls, hard wood 

  floor and ballet barre

· Weight room 

· Locker Rooms 

· Storage room for equipment

Medical Center

C.R.E.A.T.E. will feature its own campus Medical Center, where students and members of the local community can at any time seek medical care free of charge.

· Small waiting area with chairs and reception   desk

· Certified Nurse and MD on site at all times

· Examination Room equipped with                     examination table, table with cabinets and       sink, medical supplies 

· Sickbay with 3 beds and curtains for privacy

· Private restroom 


Cafeteria where all school lunches will be served.  Indoor/outdoor seating for students to enjoy. 

· Fully equipped kitchen with natural gas     stoves, food prep, storage and clean up         areas

· Serving line into kitchen

· Round tables with 8 chairs throughout indoor   cafe area

· Smaller round tables that seat 6 in outdoor       eating area

· Waste & recycling receptacles 

Meditation Centre

At the very center of Create's campus, will be a meditation centre, a circular, airy building where students can relax, read, meditate or pray. Create Academy will not be associated with any religion, but will respect the religious beliefs of students and staff. The meditation centre will give students a place to practice silent prayer, read or just have some quiet time to relax or reflect.

· Light, airy space with yoga mats,          floor cushions, plants, and local artwork 

· A judgment-free, quiet zone for reading,  silent prayer, or meditation


C.R.E.A.T.E. will offer dormitories unlike anything the average Ugandan child has seen.  Clean, organized, well-designed spaces ideal for rest/relaxation, studying, and bonding with their peers.

There will be separate buildings for boys and girls dormitories, strategically placed on either side of the staff quarters.

· All dorms will have electricity via solar power.

· 6 bunks/12 students per room

· Small dressers/cubbies for storage

· Mattress and proper bedding

· Table/chairs setting in the center of each     dorm room where students can study

· Fully secured space, with Dorm Supervisor     always on duty

· Bathrooms equipped with running water -     showers, toilets and sinks

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